You have to move your particles against the enemy using 'driving curves' and provided items like boosts.
Enemy particles are moving in many directions, each having its own velocity and you can attack them by giving orders to your blue particles.
For now, the 4 following commands are enough to move your blue particles to crush the enemy!

  • By Left-Clicking, you draw a driving curve near your blue parked particles.

    This driving curve shows how to run to nearby particles.
    Trick : The more you closely drive your particles, the faster they run!
    Constraint : Only a few driving curves can be drawn at the same time, and their length is limited...
  • By pressing 'q', all the driving curves are removed from the screen.
  • By Right-Clicking, you drop a boosting disk, if some are available.

    This boosting disk brutally speeds up your particles when they go across it! A serious advantage against the enemy!
    Trick : Positioning boosts at strategic places may lead you to victory very quickly...
    Constraint : Your particles are accelerated but, once a boosting disk passed, their velocity decreases in time. Only a few boosting circles can be drawn at the same time, and their total number is limited in each map : this is a mad bonus!
  • By pressing 's', all the boosting disks are removed from the screen.
  • 2009-2010  Freon Game