Main purpose

Freon is a 2D game in which you control an army of blue particles against a bunch of colorful enemy particles. It is coded in C/C++ and is based on OpenGL API. This game was released in July 2009 and has been in constant evolution since that time.
I would like this project to be as participative as possible and I see two objectives beyond the simple binary files that you can download freely here to play the game :

  • First, since Freon is a solo game (multiplayer mode could be an extension!), trying to improve yourself by improving your high scores is the heart of the game! But it is far more challenging to share your high scores with all the players around the world! That's why you can send your score files to me, then I'll update the rankings. (this rudimentary system is to be changed later)
  • Second, it's true that I've not released Freon's source code. But when it is cleaned and documented enough, I will share it with you developers. In addition, I'd like to provide some tutorials to show how to create a video game in C/C++ using OpenGL.
    Waiting for that time, do not hesitate to send me your ideas at freongame AT gmail dot com : I will draw up a list below, and I will include some in future extensions of the game.
  • Future

    Here are listed possible future extensions of the game (to come).

    2009-2010  Freon Game